Run DNC is a non-partisan project aimed at getting Philadelphia’s homeless population up and running toward a life off the streets. Brought to you by the teams at Tierney and Lapstone & Hammer.


Emboldened by our 2016 Election and the Democratic National Convention here in Philly, we partnered with local sneaker artist Elom Bowman (aka Ecentrik Artestry) to create 11 one-of-a-kind pairs of sneaks. Each inspired by the history of our city, and by America itself.

Then we made them available to the people, for the people. All proceeds benefit Back on My Feet, a national organization that’s revolutionizing how we combat homelessness — through running. Why running? It builds confidence, strength and self-esteem. Essential tools every countryman needs to tackle the road to independence.

Help us make history. Explore the shoes, and empower Philadelphia’s homeless to achieve what was once thought impossible — the opportunity to become contributing members of our great society. For Philadelphia. For America. For a star-spangled future for all.


REALLY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These OG’s were painstakingly painted to perch as proudly as a flag-bearing bald eagle atop a display shelf all your own. So yeah, you could wear these grails, but they’re unique works of art. And unlike your old beaters, these deadstocks will never be in stock again. So we recommend treating ’em with the same respect you show our country’s Constitution every day — by keeping them crispy. Clean. And factory laced.